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Other Ceremonies: Funerals & Life Transitions



Designing a funeral ceremony to farewell the deceased and to pay tribute to his or her life is one of the last things we can do for a beloved one. 


As a funeral celebrant I"ll guide you through the process of farewelling your loved one: 

  • Designing a ceremony that is a celebration of the life of your loved one

  • Writing an eulogy for the deceased

  • Officiating at the funeral service

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Life Transitions

Many moments in life are too precious to let them pass unnoticed: the birth of a child, your child growing up,

a profound transformation, overcoming a crisis, retirement or menopause, a living funeral, ...

As a celebrant I'll guide you through the process of honouring, celebrating and integrating life transitions:  

  • Designing a ceremony for the life transition that you, your family or your loved ones are going through

  • Meaningful passage in three phases

  • Coaching and supporting you in the background or officiating at your ceremony in person

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Welcoming a baby



Baby  Shoes.jpg

A ceremony to celebrate a new birth, to welcome the baby in the family and to celebrate godparents or guardians  in their new roles.

Ladies' Passages



A ceremony to honour the transitions in women's lives: menstruation, motherhood, menopause or any other transition that is worth celebrating. 

Living funerals



A ceremony for people who know that they do not have much time left to live. Providing an opportunity to celebrate life and to say final goodbyes.

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