Designing a funeral ritual to farewell the deceased and to pay tribute to his or her life is the last thing we can do for a beloved one. 


As your celebrant:


- I'll assist you with designing a ceremony that is a tribute to or a celebration of the life of the deceased

- I will write an eulogy for the deceased

- I will officiate at the funeral service

- I can do readings


I am familiar with death and grief through my own life experiences and my training and work

as a psychotherapist. 


I'll come to your home for a first meeting. Contact me.


I can officiate at different sorts of ceremonies:




A funeral service is a tribute to or a celebration of the life of your loved one. 



A memorial service can be a ritual of personal remembrance or a larger social ritual in which we pay tribute to people who gave their life for a greater good.   

Living funerals



Living funerals are held for people who know that they do not have much time left to live. They provide opportunities to celebrate life and to say final goodbyes.

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