Life transitions & Therapeutic rituals

Major transitions in our lives always have two sides to it: there are aspects of gain and aspects of loss. Some transitions are mainly joyful. Think of moving to a new house, finding your life partner, graduating in the course you always wanted to attend... Others are mainly painful, think of divorce, sickness, death. But many transitions have aspects of both in it, gain and loss.


Rituals can help us to face new situations and circumstances, to go through the process of accepting and healing and to make a new start. As a celebrant and psychotherapist I can guide you through the process of facing the change, accepting loss and making a new start. In this process we'll use the power of symbol and ritual. 


Examples of life transitions:


  • you want to celebrate an important achievement 

  • your making a major transition (work, creativity, travel) and you want to empower yourself going through this change

  • you want to heal old family issues

  • your relationship or marriage ended and you're having trouble to accept this

  • you've  got cancer and you have to say goodbye to some aspects of your life or to some parts of your body (breast amputation for instance)



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