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Celebrating the 8 festivals on the Wheel of the Year helps us to ground ourselves and to connect more deeply with our natural environment. Each festival is a beautiful occasion to get together with like-minded people and invites us to tune in to our ancestors and their traditions. At the same time the Wheel of the Year takes us on a journey within, inspiring us to explore our inner fluctuations and cycles and to find new, creative ways to express ourselves.

In this online course that I am offering in English and in Dutch, you'll explore the

8 seasonal festials in 9 online LIVE sessions.The course contains presentations, visualisations, ceremony, mindfulness practices and a a lively sharing circle. 


Wiel van het Jaar
Een Reis naar Binnen

Samen de 8 natuurfeesten exploreren en beleven

Verken de 8 jaarfeesten, duik de natuur in, reis naar binnen en vier het leven aan de hand van symbolen en rituelen.



Wheel of the Year
Southern Celebrations

Explore the 8 Festivals on the Wheel of the Year

Learn about the 8 seasonal festivals, while connecting with nature, journeying inwards and expressing yourself through symbols and ritual.