What people say about me:

  • Warm personality

  • Vivid appearance

  • Pleasant, calming voice

  • Open minded and light-hearted

  • Creative with words and symbols

  • Meticulous, with an eye for detail 


What I love:

I love love stories and I love writing and presenting. 


My childhood dream was to become a journalist and a writer and I'm very happy I could make that dream

come true. I have worked for national broadcasting services, for newspapers and magazines.
Around the age of 30 I got intrigued by the power of symbols, rituals and the path of inner growth,

discovering psychotherapy, meditation and yoga. I wrote several books about these themes. 


In 2007 I graduated as an integrative psychotherapist and in 2011 as a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher.

In New Zealand I graduated as a celebrant at the Auckland Celebrant School and I got registered as an

official Marriage Celebrant in 2013.


I'm also very fond of dancing. I dance salsa, Argentine tango, African dance and freestyle, conscious dance.

I have been a party deejay for 20 years, nowadays I mainly deejay at Ecstatic Dance Events.

But, once in a while, I still throw a good party in the mix… 

What are my professional assets?

  • Trained at the NZ Celebrant School, Auckland

  • Member of the Celebrants Associaton of New Zealand CANZ

  • Highly skilled writer and presenter

  • Author of several books on ceremonies and  the healing power of ritual

  • Trained and graduated as an integrative psychotherapist  

  • Familiar with joy and grief

  • Language options: English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish