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Wedding packages


  • Registry-Style Ceremony

A short, basic, non-personalized ceremony

  • Personal Elopement Ceremony

An intimate, personal ceremony with a limited number of 10 guests


  • Personal Ceremony with Rehearsal and Guests

A personal ceremony in the presence of your family and friends

With rehearsal & battery powered PA System

To design a personal ceremony that suits your style and personality and flows smoothly on the day,

I generally see a couple two or three times before the actual wedding day.


Offering you:

  • ongoing support throughout the whole process (legal information, lots of examples, practical advice) 

  • thorough preparation with importance to detail

  • a bespoke ceremony

  • a fun, relaxed vibe on the day

Making sure that your ceremony will be a beautiful memory for the rest of your lives!


I'm also available for same sex marriages and pagan ceremonies.

Send me a message to get more info about my packages!
Check my availability, get a quote or let's talk about your wishes!

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